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What is Tooth Fillings And Conservative Dentistry?

In the case of a cavity, it’s important to revive normal esthetics and functions of the tooth by filling the tooth with gold alloys or tooth-colored resin/ porcelain and ceramic inlays. We don’t use amalgams. Now with our new CAD-CAM technology, ceramic fillings or crowns are often done within an hour!

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment may be a treatment that’s to repair and save a tooth that’s badly decayed or becomes tainted. When the nerve or blood supply of the tooth is tainted through decay or injury, the infection can spread through the basis canal system of the bone. this might prompt an abscess within the bone. Thaper Dental Clinic in Jaipur provides root canal treatment during a single visit.

How to do Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment is done with the help of CBCT (3D imaging) and an operating microscope using the laser. The root canal treatment, we give local anesthesia making the treatment absolutely painless. The aim of root canal treatment is to save the tooth and as well as prevent it from future infection.

Root canal treatment should be carried out in the dental professionals otherwise, the infection may spread and the tooth may need to be extracted. Depending on the strength of the remaining structure post-treatment would require either a filling or a crown. So, it may require a couple of visits to your dentist depending upon the case.

What is Prosthodontic Treatment?

In Prosthodontics, defects of the teeth, the surrounding tissues or maxillofacial areas are restored functionally and esthetically, thereby aiding the patient’s recovery to a healthy life. This includes replacement of missing teeth using crowns, bridges, dentures and the latest in dentistry, dental implants.

We offer metal-free Zircon crowns & bridge for enhanced esthetics and better bio-compatibility. Our clinic is a “Metal-free clinic”. As tooth has its own value Thaper Dental Clinic provides the best prosthodontic treatment in Jyoti Nagar, Jaipur and replaces your missing tooth.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic Treatment deals with the prevention, and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. When the upper and lower teeth don’t coincide, this can put a strain on the muscles of the jaw, bringing on the jaw and joint issues and in some cases headaches. Orthodontic treatment can help you bite evenly and reduce the strain.

Thaper Dental Clinic in Jaipur is a one-stop solution for all kinds of orthodontic treatments including adult orthodontics and invisible braces in Jaipur

What are Invisible Braces Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontics improves tooth alignment and facial esthetics. Invisible Brace is a boon to teenage and adult orthodontics, as they are water-thin and completely invisible hence, no one will even notice that you are undergoing treatment. It is also frequently required before periodontal and prosthodontic treatments.

The orthodontist at Thaper Dental Clinic provides the orthodontic treatment in Jaipur so as to make your smile beautiful by improving your tooth alignment and facial esthetics. We have come up with several new technological developments in Jaipur including tooth-colored ceramic braces, invisible lingual braces, and clear aligners.

What is Geriatric dentistry?

Geriatric dentistry is caring for older adults involving diagnosis, prevention, management and treatment of problems related to Old age Tooth related diseases. Tooth loss is one of the most frequent findings in the aging process.

We use CAD-CAM technology that helps us deliver all the prosthetic work in your single visit, hence reducing the number of visits and stress on older adults. We have special treatment protocols to keep this generation disease-free. Ramp friendly and wheelchair facility is also available at our center. Our team & friendly staff and doctors provide the much needed human touch.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry potentially offers an easier treatment option for a variety of dental procedures involving hard or soft tissue compared to drills and other non-laser tools. It commercially utilized in clinical practice for procedures involving tooth tissue.

This laser light produces a reaction when it hits tissue, allowing it to get rid of or shape the tissue. Laser dentistry is employed during a sort of procedures, including:

  • Treating hypersensitivity
  • Treating cavity
  • Treating gum disease
  • Whitening teeth

Lasers can make dental treatments more efficient, cost-effective, and cozy. Many dental procedures require cutting of gums which were a painful procedure to go through. Also, Laser bleaching helps you get a pearly white smile in just half an hour!

What is microscopic dentistry?

Microscopic dentistry involves the utilization of microscopes to supply close-up images of the patient’s dental structures. They’re strong enough to magnify the gums, teeth, and oral tissue up to thirty times what the eye can see on its own! This dentistry is successful when trying to detect very minor dental imperfections or hairline fractures at the earliest stages possible. The result’s more conservative treatment!

We perform operating dental microscope, which enhances the magnification and hence helps us improve the quality of our work. With an operating microscope, it is possible to view even the tip of the tooth root while daily root canal treatment. CarlZeiss microscope, one of the best dental microscopes which are being used at the Thaper Dental Clinic.

What are crowns dentures and bridges?

The treatment of dental implants which interfaces with the bone of the jaw to support a dental prosthesis like crowns, dentures, and bridges. Dental implants could also be an option for people that have lost a tooth or due to periodontitis or an injury. Implants are very durable but require equivalent maintenance as real teeth, including brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups. Dental implants are often wont to retain a multiple tooth dental prosthesis either within the sort of a hard and fast bridge or removable dentures.

A number of the advanced techniques that are used at Thaper Dental Clinic in Jaipur for implant site preparations include ultrasonic bone correction surgery and soft tissue grafting. Computer-guided surgery is employed wherever needed. For bone grafting procedure, platelet-rich fibrin PRF extracted from the patient’s blood is rich in growth factors, is employed for grafting procedure.

What is Dental Surgery?

Dental surgery may be a broad term that refers to a wide range of medical procedures that involves the gums and teeth. These include the passage root canal, implants, and molar extraction. Out of the various dentistry procedures, in dental surgery, various diseases, trauma, and deformities, either congenital or acquired, in teeth, gingiva, tongue, cheek, palate and tonsils, as well as salivary glands, face, and skin are diagnosed and treated. We are one of the best dentists team who is specialized in their own fields of dentistry to make you have a bright smile for which they provide the dental surgery in Jaipur.

What is a pre-wedding smile makeover?

Every person has a unique smile that sets him apart from others. The pre-wedding smile makeover has a variety of procedures starting from tooth polishing, laser bleaching, ceramic veneers, tooth color resin bonding, etc help you get the smile makeover you have always dreamed off. We at Thaper Dental Clinic ensure that you get the perfect smile for you “The Day” in a single visit! Look your best on your perfect day!

How do I find the best dentist in Jaipur?

Dental problems like toothache, gum pain, decaying of teeth have become quite common nowadays. These problems occur because people generally ignore general oral health which is one of the primary concerns for avoiding dental diseases. Visiting the best dental hospital in Jaipur is one of the initial steps you will take to overcome these problems. There are many Dental clinics but Thaper Dental Clinic is one of the renowned dental clinic in Jaipur in which the entire family comprises dental surgeons and dentists. For quality dental care and treatment, we believe that the dentist should be completely updated with advanced treatment methods. Thus, always choose a dentist who is using the most advanced technology so that you can be benefitted from the treatment.

Who is the most preferred dentist for implant treatment in Jaipur?

A dental implant can be recognized as the surgical procedure involving a metal fixture that is placed into the jawbone and it fuses the bone after a few months. Thus, it acts as a permanent replacement for the root of the missing tooth. The treatment is highly recommended to individuals who have lost their teeth due to any accidental injury or any periodontal disease. If you are the right candidate for this treatment you must be searching for the best dental clinic in Jaipur where experienced dentists and dental surgeons can provide you the quality treatment. The most prominent dentist in Jaipur is Dr. Rajeev Thaper from Thaper Dental Clinic in Jaipur.

Which is the best dental clinic in Jaipur?

Proper oral health can be ensured when you regularly visit your dentist and get a complete check-up for your teeth. Good oral hygiene can help people overcome some of the major dental problems and the associated risk such as tooth loss, decaying of teeth as well as gum disease. Choosing the best dental clinic in Jaipur is one of the tedious tasks as the number of clinics is constantly increasing. The top dental clinic in Jaipur is Thaper Dental Clinic. You can book an appointment at the clinic and get useful consultation for your different dental problems.