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Dental surgeons at Thaper Dental Clinic carry out an initial screening of your Oral Cavity by doing a complete check up to your mouth and taking an O.P.G (Dental Xray). Initial screening is done at a cost of Rupees 600/- only.

If your mouth is found to be free of disease, you are eligible to be part of “ Thaper’s Happy Smile Family” (THS Family)** Under this plan we provide you :

  • 1)One O.P.G. dental X-ray** (if needed)
  • 2)Scaling and polishing** – Two times a year(At an interval of 06 months each)
  • 3) We guide you to maintain a healthy mouth.
During this period if you happen to have cavities**, we offer you :
  • 1)Tooth coloured composite material fillings – 02 Teeth**(If Needed)
  • 2)Root canal therapy 01 Tooth ** (If Needed)
For children between the age of 06 years and 12 years**- After the initial screening, if the child’s mouth is found to be disease free, then application of dental sealants is done on disease free first permanent molars** and the child is taught to keep the mouth in a state of good oral health. We offer this plan with a validity period of one year* at a minimal cost of Rupees 2000/- Only* In this way we help in maintaining your disease free mouth in a state of good health increasing the longevity of your teeth.