Importance of Pediatric Dentistry and Milk Teeth

One of the best investments in your child’s future health could be your attention and guidance on early habits for better dental and oral health. One of the focus areas at Thaper Dental Clinic is to provide guidance to parents to help them achieve the best standards of oral hygiene and dental health for their children.

First, let us bust some myths about milk teeth. There is a misconception about milk teeth being less important for care and maintenance as they are considered to be “just teeth which will fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth anyway.”.

But milk teeth actually serve key roles in not just oral health but also the holistic health of the child like :
1. Speech – Milk teeth are super important for proper speech development and word pronunciation.
2. Nutrition – If the child is in pain and stops eating food, it will directly affect the nutrition of the child.
3. Jaw development – the jaw development of the child depends on the position and health of the teeth.
4. Confidence – A good and healthy set of teeth boosts the confidence of the child and makes him smile with no restrictions.
5. Guide for permanent teeth – milk teeth act as guides for permanent teeth and hence help in proper alignment of the dentition.